I like to move it, move it.

How cute are workout clothes these days? SUPER CUTE. Honestly, this fitness movement is one that we can jump on with (Queen Bey is down, so obviously we are too.) Now we’re feeling motivated and ready to sweat it out in style. I mean, who doesn’t want to look this healthy and hott?!













Off the Shoulder

Trend Alert: We are going to see many off-shoulder tops this season!  We love how this look has been has been transformed to a day time look as well as nice evening wear. The store carries a wide range of off shoulder pieces including rompers, day-time tops, and evening dresses.

Here are some of our favorite looks.


Long Staple Piece

We are loving the long sleeveless jacket look.  The Lapel gives it a more put together look so you can throw it over pretty much anything for instant glam. This vest can be over a tee and a coat atop for added layers or over a long sleeve basic top.
c939b825c79051f1abb849f5a9a8498b 39b2facf07a18fcf0f2bb3c96b91fcaf 1e2cea0cec0302506f7d68bd49b3053c f85fd1b14b9edc33ed3372dad5764540 image-1 main.original.585x0 This black Orbit vest by Keepsake is in the store for $178orbitV1_1024x1024 Louise-Roe-How-To-Wear-A-Long-Vest-Front-Roe-fashion-blog-LA-street-style-2
imageBack view of Orbit vest in store! Just Enough Silk Tunic BLACK2-450x703

Stance Socks

We have stocked the socks in perfect time for boot season! Stance socks are all the rage with their plethora of designs and materials.

We have all you need from over-the-knee, everyday, invisible, to sheer boot socks. Don’t be the one without cute socks when asked to check your shoes at the door.

Here is just a sneak peek of the many styles we have in right now! w1000bel-chr w1000moo-nvy w1000pri-nvy w1000ran-blk w1000roy-nvy w1010lif-blk w1010mem-crm w1010mes-blk w1020tob-red w6000wol-blk w6300gho-blk w6300mes-gry w7100sha-mul w7500bea-nat

The oversized scarf

Chunky and oversized scarves are a Fall 2015 must-have. These comfy thick scarves can easily be confused for a blanket but that just means there is more to love!  A blanket or knit scarf is the perfect accessory especially when it is swallowing you up in comfort.

Style your scarf as a classic wrap, double loop or braided knot, adopt a sophisticated wrap, or stick to the simplicity of the never-ending infinity shape. However you work it, an oversized scarf can’t help but be a big part of your outfit.
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Fall Layering

While summer might not be over just yet, hello 80 degree plus days, there are signs of cool weather coming.  Leaves are slowly starting to change, evenings are becoming cool and our favorite magazines and designers are showing their fall collections.  To help ease into this transition there are a few key pieces one should have in their wardrobe; cardigans, oversize scarfs, and light weight jackets.  The best part all of these items can move from fall right into winter!  Stop by Flight to see our selection of layering options.

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