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  Shearling collared coats are a great trend we are seeing.  We have some coats that have been tailored into lady like/chic shearlings. With winter threatening our warmth, this is the perfect and fashionable shield.

Pair this cozy outer layer with simple layers and fall boots. 1bf78b0a548777ec56a037d4afd2670f4d8cda4b667fbf7a7a79fb80fac265b66ee1dc024920c659185a949c1993cb397a4a47a8da2dcc2c523c367b6e5756477052cde7e965c9c906dd7d48b5f0baa78928b972ccd5fb6defe73e09c114ff31a696db591807008687dc5708efc7485eadc0cc6cf15a3ca0115dc3a2e0747ae0b84bf8bc6b00fe53c481186cf0e8c2b2


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