Raw Crystals are all the rage recently.  Some consider crystals healing, with each stone has their own specific healing power.  Others just find them pretty and magical to look at. Whether it be for energy or beauty you after, come by the store to see our raw gems from our favorite designers!  3d47a51cd77ee3c8306683abbd69a57c6add2abc2a99d4e21a7336681cb49ae635b4dd67b752eb394f81b09a23d3e455344fc07ace503a29dd4a6c7dbadb7a520053045244c0e2c61643a14eabc674ebb12ede036dd5d5e6a6aa3c8fbe069c44ca1aca2874db665859a3af78812cab9fd63adf7caa8789208ca6101f6004b988e98fd7f77ee1d45238bfec7a071d0bdaGlacier-Necklace-Group-W


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