We had our first major snow of the season in Park City, UT! This will hopefully stick around for awhile.  We are just giddy! Not only because this means winter and skiing can begin, but mainly because we can wear those new Sorel boots! We love having a boot you can trudge through snow, scrape off your windshield in, and wear all day in doors because they are just that fashionable.

If you haven’t already seen our Instagram (@flight_boutique), here is a peek at our new pairs.
e6560367fd042feff7294977161189981964 Premium- $1957e8875dedacd5db2c14a3934de83328f479bd2dd56ec84fc9bfd9e3be6cf18301964 Premium Wedge- $2204976c73e87ff38526fea6de3841ae7ef
aca3d10ab61f13fbb63f633ba5ede632Fancy Lace- $150
bf495109b6681989d3461f441ce0ddc0 Out N About- $110


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