Raven + Lily now in store

We are so happy to include Raven + Lily as a part of our new jewelry lines here at Flight.  The line works hard to find deserving and underprivileged women in Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Cambodia & the US and employs them to make the jewelry at fair wages.  Its a double bonus because you get great karma when you buy it AND its beautiful and affordable jewelry!An3kqJteRBgzH_8aaIOtZR6_jRlPCe_hAlXQaoEk9Cs__46800.1376063011.1280.1280 bCaRs0LlHlzW1NoyPCsgc_WITzZCvU0Nrmp6VngHYdM_61406_17997__96746.1391466555.1280.1280 ferdoz_LG_bangles_silver_and_gold__68907.1362502905.1280.1280 Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 6.20.47 PM


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